Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More things that work in the laundry and kitchen

I wanted to submit some ideas, but didn't have enough today for one particular category, so here is a smattering of some great things that have worked best...


Cheap/dull/used razors.  Any of the above will do... Before you throw them out, 'scuse me... recycle them...use them as sweater shavers next time you have a 'pill' problem.  Works awesome!  Note: Rusty ones work as well, but use caution on light colors. 

We can never find a lint brush when we need it, but always have duct tape or postal tape laying around.  We wrap our four fingers with it, sticky side out.  No more lint or hair!

Static- do not waste money on static spray.  If you lightly rub your legs with damp hands before you put on your skirt or pants, the static will be diminished or disappear.  Hairspray also works.


There was a traveling salesman in one of my stores today that made me have a v-8 moment.  He was highlighting one of my favorite tools.  You've heard them called TV knife, Ginsu, or Forever Knife.  I personally have the TV knife.  Bought my first one 20 years ago at an identical demonstration.  Thought I might have been a sucker, but I have used that knife almost exclusively for EVERYTHING.  Yes, even PVC pipe, plastic bottles, and wood when I was in a desperate moment.  They really do last as long as they say.  I replaced mine for free about 10 years ago and I was chewing my nails in anticipation of its return because it was sorely missed.  Low and behold, it came back, brand new and I still have that same one.  I could return it again, but it still works great, and I am not sure I could do without it again, even for a little while.  Bottom line, the cost is worth it!

Another purchase I have not regretted is glass storage containers.  We switched from plastic last year for health reasons.  It has since saved me many rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil and the leaching of chemicals they are known for.  Best yet, you can store food, duh, freeze food, BONUS, and cook food in them, DOUBLE BONUS.  I really like multipurpose :) When you purchase them, make sure they are oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  Otherwise, you will not get the most use, and savings, from them.

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