Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bathroom Cleaning 2

I just emerged from my bathrooms after doing a shower scrubbing with my favorite cleanser, baking soda and water.  Besides costing pennies, I forgot how wonderful it is to stay in the bathroom to get the job done instead of leaving every few minute to breathe.  Even better, I found a new reason to love cleaning this way.

Before, when I would do the showers, it would be with a variant of a bleach type formula because that was what was needed to power through our 6-person accumulation of residue.  So, not only would it cost more healthwise, it would cost double because of the cleaner cost plus the clothes I would invariably ruin.  Call me lazy, but I don't have a day set aside to clean, or even a few hours; it comes when I cannot stand it any longer and I am able to put something else off a few minutes.  Because of this time constraint, there is no way I am changing into 'play' clothes and back again. BUT, I pay for that because I end up with droplets of bleach stains in the weirdest places, no matter how careful I am. 

Today, I am happy to say, that though I found droplets of cleaner on my shirt and pants again, I just brushed them off!  No residual or permanent stain!  Woohoo!  Score one for the lazy girl! Baking soda and water rocks!

I also found a use for the /back/body shower brush that has seen better days.  I am a shortie and this came in handy to reach the top tiles and generally made the scrubbing part even easier.  The whole job seemed to go by faster this way.   Because I had about 1/2 cup of the cleaner and some minutes left over, I went to my kitchen sinks and did a quick scrub with the rest. 

I will go over everything with homemade disinfectant from the first post and everything will sparkle.  Ps, toilet bowl cleaning update....pour 1/2 cup of any of the following into the toilet bowl before bed and let it sit overnight.... borax, baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice.  This site has some info for using just vinegar on the toilet with much more detail.... 

Speaking of vinegar, I just read that there is a difference between supermarket vinegar and the kind you can purchase at the feed store.  Whaddya know... the supermarket one is watered down and not as strong. Something to think about and check out next time you visit the local feed lot :)

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