Friday, May 2, 2014


I know many of you are familiar with the site, but are you familiar with selling on it? I recently put my handmade products in a shop, as a start to my business, and I wanted to test the Etsy culture. It was easy to set up, used my paypal account that I already had set up, and the options to offer coupons, discounts, and various mailing options made it fun to plan. I love the favorite sites that help me to get a glimpse of the world of Etsy, and the amazing artists that call it home. It is not an expensive option, compared to hosting my own site and cart. If you have a talent for making tangible items, no matter what they are made of or their function, consider spending an evening putting together a site for it, and you might just find those creative juices flowing again! See my store here.... Thingsthatwork Go for it! Start your own store here

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