Saturday, June 15, 2013


After trying to purchase balloons for my oldest's 16th a while back, I was modified at the cost of 16 latex balloons at my local supermarket.  This year, I thought id be smarter for my twins' 16th and get the tank at my local warehouse store, which halved the price.  Today, I found a better deal at 5 Below.  Foil filled balloons were $1 each and latex 3 for $2.  If I remember correctly, the Dollar store offers something similar.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Customer reviews

I love consumer reports, but they tend to be so glossy and 'big corp' looking that their trust value in my eyes is not top notch. I tend to rely on amazon reviews or just plug in 'customer reviews' and add the item I'm looking for, to get some unbiased feedback. However, I just found a neat site while looking for a label maker...they cover electronics, home, garden, kitchen, food, and many other interesting categories to help you find what you need...check it out at