Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Money Management Ebook

I have been using CalendarBudget.com's free budgeting software for about a year now and I am not disappointed. I moved over to this one from my favorite 9.99 software Budgeting for Dummies that I used for YEARS before it finally stopped working with the newer computers. It was actually a struggle to keep my windows 98 computer just for this reason, I liked and used it so much. However, calendarbudget works just as well with the added uploadable bank transactions feature. However, I digress. When I went to sign in today, I found that they have a money management book for sale there and also saw that they give you the first 6 chapters in audio form for FREE! Feel free to visit them at http://powerspendingbook.com/advanced-power-spending/food-savings for info on the book and lots of other free resources (IE lifehacks) and get the free audio chapters here: http://powerspendingbook.com/advanced-power-spending/food-savings