Friday, January 25, 2013

When we're sick.... stomach, fevers, etc

Again, please refer to the first sick blog for FDA disclaimer....

If we get hit with a flu like bug that sends us to the bathroom for one reason or another, we first ensure they have a comfy place on the 'sick couch.' Sometimes, just knowing we are being cared for in a special designated place helps recovery.  That, and its much closer to the bathroom and saves me some cleanup time ;)

Seriously, though, we have used Brioshi (below in amazon links) to keep the last meal at bay with some success.  Mostly, I head for the spice cabinet and brew up a simple cup of ginger tea.  It quells nausea fast and also works as a quick pain reliever. During recovery, we make them sleep as much as possible to help the body go into healing mode, sipping water or real ginger ale or weak sweetened tea occasionally until they can tolerate broth, soup, or dry crackers.  If I am out and get nauseous, I keep a pack of ginger gum handy and it works the same. 

We do not worry much about fevers, unless they are super high or of unusually long duration.  I am not one to run to the cabinet for a fever reducer, as fevers combat the bad bugs and I want to help it along as much as possible.  I come from a long line of fever phobians, so I understand the panic, but give it some space to do its thing :)

If the issue is the 'other end,' I give them a chewable probiotic according to the directions or yogurt a few times a day.  Fibrous foods and water are very important, too. I noticed that if I get an intestinal issue that would normally make me want to take that little white pill, the probiotics seem to work just as fast and are just as effective, and I'm helping my body retake enemy territory :)

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