Friday, January 25, 2013

Weight Loss tools #2

Before starting with Lose It and Daily Workout apps, I used the program.  Since I have been looking for lots of things to do, and my extended family is a fan of Weight Watchers, I looked into it, but the cost and time to go 'check in' was prohibitive.  I understand the rationale on the check in's, but it wasn't going to work for me.  Did I mention the cost was a factor?  I REALLY like free.  So, about Sparkpeople... they offer a comparative program that offers tracking of weight, foods, and exercises that is quite comprehensive with lots of reports, and I think, meal planners.  They have a vibrant community and offer challenges and your own website to express yourself.  I liked it, but I never really lost weight and I wonder if it was due to the fact it allowed me 500-700 more calories than I have now on the Lose It program.  Many people have had great success with it, but Lose It just fits me better and is more 'on the go' friendly for my lifestyle.  So, if you are not a fan of Lose It, check out Sparkpeople.  Did I mention it's free????

Today, I was looking for a calorie converter for my treadmill workout of 3.0 at a 7 incline.  No, my beloved Lose It did not have anything more fancy under walking/treadmill other than minutes walked.  I know I worked harder than that.  A quick search on my phone brought up a site that asks your weight, time worked out, and you pick from an extensive list (that included speed and incline.) Granted, it had 6.0 incline instead of 7, but I could live with that estimate- the rest is gravy ;)

The site was

 I know there are others out there, but this one worked in a pinch.  Give it a shot!

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