Monday, January 28, 2013

Cleaning Part 2

It's still January, so I just made it to add another resolution: a way to stay on top of my house cleaning.  With my new found cleaning solutions in hand, I went back to an old faithful system that has my favorite motivators, lots of tools and gadgets! has garnished a lot of attention since I first discovered her a few years ago, so you may already know about her and her systems.  I read her sink book and it revolutionized how I approached housecleaning.  That is, when I approached it at all..  Like the weight loss and exercise apps I found recently, her system asks only 15 minutes a day and helps to get into a mindset of clean-as-you-go before bed and planning at the start of a day; basically staying on top of everything before it becomes a monster.  She has way too many helpers and lists and ways to go about this to go over here, but in reality, it is very simple: stay in one area/room of your house for a week in addition to a once over (basics) for about one hour a week. You get to everything you might in a spring cleaning fling or so, but in manageable chunks that won't make you go hide under the covers.  Within about 1 month, if you are buried like me, you will have a 'moment's notice' clean house that you won't mind having company drop in on.  Ask my family... I have a heart attack at the mere mention of it and rush the 'fake house.'  Honestly, I am sick of the fake house and want a sigh of contentment when I walk into my house from work and wake up feeling good about it as well. 

Another great thing is that she has recently collaborated with Cozi to produce an online calendar that syncs everyone's activities and appointments as well gives the ability to add school calendars and sports practice itineraries directly into it.  Every family member can access this online and from the phone.  All family members can add events or items to grocery lists, send notes to each other, and get reminders.  I had an online calendar that worked, but the best part is that the flylady schedule is right on my daily things to do.  Before, I would have to jazz myself up to get on the website and figure out what 'zone' I was supposed to be in and then find the lists and missions separately.  They are now right on my calendar!  I just click on it and there's my 15 minute activity. 

Did I mention it is all FREE??? C'mon, you should know me by now ;)  The signup is here

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