Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cleaning the Bathroom, and everywhere else!

Since my last post addressed the shower, I thought I'd stay there and talk about my next discovery that wowed me.  Homemade cleaners was another infatuation of mine last October, but I never got around to actually mixing them up until November.  Up to this point, I had used a combination of bleach based or bubble-type cleaners to get off the soap scum that repeatedly crept up the sides of my tubs and shower walls. I used what was effective, even if it made me gasp for air every few minutes and make my throat feel like I was in a smokey bingo hall for an hour afterward.  While they were effective, it was not a long lasting solution as my bathrooms tend to get icky the minute I walk away. 

I don't have a lot of time and I hated the chemicals, so I sought out other options after watching Chemerical one night. I looked up recipes online (free) and made up a paste of baking soda and water to scrub my shower walls, tub, and sink. Yes, this took a bit more elbow grease than usual, and I got say goodbye to some calories, but not many more than with the usual bubble stuff.  This gets rinsed with plain water. Next, I mixed up a bottle of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, water and essential oil to disinfect the outside of the toilet and polish the fixtures.

The positives: Cheap, natural, and left a super sparkly bathroom behind that lasted what seemed like FOREVER.  The negatives: none, unless you count burning some calories, but with my new year's resolution- no problem.  There was no bad air, no cost (since I had all these things already), no having to do it again right away, and no guilt.  The alcohol cleaner is one that I use everywhere around the house, not just the bathroom, and it shines things beautifully. I believe it is 2 oz of alcohol, 2 T white vinegar, fill the rest with water and some drops of essential oils; I used wintergreen and lavender.

I was thinking about moving to a hydrogen peroxide base next time for everything except mirrors and glass/fixtures to see if I can smell my oils better (alcohol smell is strong) and it disinfects just as well.  The only thing I have not finished researching yet is to find a good natural toilet scrub recipe or process for the interior of the toilet.  Still have to use the store stuff until I get a good lead, hint hint ;)

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