Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Food Maker

I had a moment of nostalgia in Walmart yesterday doing my research job. I ran across this item from Nuk that reminded me of a similar item I received when my youngest was a baby. I was just beginning to spread my wings from the uncomfortable mold that the market placed on new mothers; it stated we only had store bought options to rely on to feed our children.  If we had any doubts about the sources they used or the quality of the ingredients, our only option appeared to be to brand-hop.  I was starting to use my blender to process simple fruits and cooked vegetables on my own, but it was hard to do in smaller batches.  Not a problem though, since this was also about the time I discovered month-ahead meals anyway.  However, this little item found its way into my hands, and I was thrilled to be able to take a spoonful of whatever meal I had prepared and put it through the mill.  It was not the awful gelatinous consistency of processed baby food (how DO they get food to resemble nothing of what it once was, and look like everything else aside from color, anyway?)  It was ground, real food that I knew the origins of.  I LOVED this item and the kid did too. 

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