Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mud run training

For my first mud run, I'm doing the 'wimpy' one with the inflatables, among other things as opposed to fire pits and barbed wire (not off the table for next year, though!)  Because I' ve never been able to run across the street, never mind in a race...it was a lofty goal, but I wanted to celebrate my twins 16th and my fitness comeback with something that we could do together and have fun doing it.  Sis and I started at the gym nearly daily since late March doing the elliptical and treadmill, working up our pace and endurance. We tried to attend a bootcamp class twice a week,but it didn't always work with our schedule, so the last few weeks we added regular abs and arms. I lost gym time for the 3 weeks leading up to the race due to work, so I added trail running (with walking when I couldnt run anymore). This added experience with terrain, weather, and humidity.  I was shocked to find a new love in trail running;  it's not hard on the knees and it's so much more enjoyable than the road or staring at a treadmill...30 min literally disappears! Today it was pouring, but we're doing a mud run no matter the weather, so we went anyway. 
  • Running in the rain gives you more mileage on much less effort. 
  • Kids get downright giddy getting soaked to the bone and sloshing through mud and deep puddles with permission. 
  • Shower is optional after.
  • My $2 clip on camera case that I use as a wallet and phone holder actually was waterproof in the end.
  • There are no bugs when it rains.

  • If you trail run without bug spray when it's not raining, you cannot stop, ever.
  • If you don't want your car soaked for a couple days, plan ahead and bring towels.
  • If you don't want to be blind most of the time,wear a baseball hat or swim goggles.
  • Flash flooding on trails makes navigating roots, rocks, and sticks impossible, as well as running.
  • Feminine protection of any external kind gets waterlogged, grows to 5X it's original size, and feels like a diaper.

Lessons learned. Now that I'm  dry, I'm going to add a tip from another runner, situps and pushups, 3 sets each to failure. With a few days left, I'm giving it all she' got, Captain! What do you do to train for an event?

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