Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Links that work- Goldmine

Going through my favorites gave me the idea that I should share some of the gold mine sites that I've stumbled across in my travels.  Maybe save you a trip or two down the internet maze.... I have used this to find instructions for a yard sale food processor, side of the road elliptical, and my very old convection oven hand-me-down.  Also used it to download (print to pdf) a digital copy of manuals I already have to my computer. How-to's for all kinds of things from crafts, to diy, to survival stuff! Nice all-in-one 'do it cheap' site. All things homesteading for all levels.  The videos in the store are worth the money. The information in the forums are priceless. More frugal 'running the house' information. How to do anything green or greener.  My favorites include links on this site for 5 minutes a day for homemade bread, homemade ketchup, etc.

***Ps, this is ditto for any magazine you enjoy- look online for almost all archived articles and save money! Cheap/good herbs and herbal primer/recipes. Plug in what's in your fridge/pantry, get recipes... when you're really stuck for ideas.... Sustainable gardening ideas for your backyard Basically like MotherEarthNews for gardening/farming When you need ideas, instructions, or a 'wow' moment- WARNING- major addiction element!  This site was in 'invitiation only' mode when I joined.  If this is still the case, email me and I'll invite you...

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